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Temperature measurement for food

The agribusiness industry is made up of different actors (producers, manufacturers, distributors, carriers and consumers), all of whom are concerned with the compliance of the cold chain.

This requires a real-time control of the temperature of the food during storage and transport.

In fact, excessive or repeated temperature swings will cause a loss of the product quality but above all expose consumers to serious health risks.

With changing consumption modes, food has had to comply with strengthened applicable standards in order to guarantee consumers safe products.


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Major challenges

Recent years changes require more reliability and traceability from manufacturers, producers and transporters. Everyone is responsible for the food quality



In the event of a cold chain break, food can become dangerous for human health.



If the cold chain is broken, the food is lost and the financial losses can be significant.



In order to guarantee quality and reduce waste, standards and regulations are becoming increasingly strict.

An innovative and certified solution

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EN 12830
ABS food boxes
Calibration according to ISO EN 17025

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Temperature monitoring for the cold chain compliance

The remote temperature measurement of refrigerated trucks or cold rooms allows you to gather data in only one application, accessible worldwide.

Data exchanges are 100% secured in order to guarantee their integrity. With high measurement accuracy, data can be exploited and analyzed in order to improve the transport and storage conditions of food to avoid the risks of cold chain breaks.

surveillance de température sur tablette


Rentability of the measure

The uncertainty of our sensors is made reliable thanks to a multi-validation data technology.

Secure communications

A dedicated protocol allows a secure high performance connectivity.

food temperature monitoring system

Food use case

Food storage with temperature monitoring

Le distributeur innovant Locavorium a choisi de garantir la traçabilité de la chaîne du froid de leurs produits locaux à leur clients grâce à un suivi de température continu. Cette solution de contrôle de la chaîne du froid des denrées alimentaires leur permet d’éviter le gaspillage et d’assurer le respect des températures de conservation aux autorités et aux consommateurs.

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