Remote temperature measurement for health products

In health, there is a problem related to all activities : the temperature monitoring of drugs, treatments and all products coming from biotechnology. By definition, these products are sensitive to temperature variations. Today, one in two drugs on the market today are temperature sensitive.

By controlling the temperature of the logistics, we can prevent health products from becoming ineffective or even dangerous for the patient at the end of the chain.


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Major challenges

Whether in the public or private sector, actors of the health, from medical research to pharmaceutical industries are responsible for the cold chain compliance of products made, placed on the market and administered to patients.



The treatment efficiency is directly related to its quality and strict compliance with the cold chain.



Financial losses due to breaks in the cold chain now represent more than $ 35 billion worldwide.



The rise of biotechnology and new technologies has led to a strengthening of the applicable standards implemented by the authorities.

An innovative and certified solution

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EN 15189
CFR 21 part 11

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The temperature monitoring of health products

The multiplicity of actors makes the compliance of the cold chain more and more difficult to conform to.

The goal is to guarantee continuous temperature monitoring of the products transported and stored in order to control the cold chain from conception to consumption.



Rentability of the measure

The uncertainty of our sensors is made reliable thanks to a multi-validation data technology.

Secure communications

A dedicated protocol allows a secure high performance connectivity.

enregistreur de température transport

Health use case

A complete solution with real-time alerts

Phytocontrol laboratories work on health and biological analyzes throughout France. Their technicians must guarantee the reliability of the collected samples through continuous and remote temperature monitoring. The health and economic challenge allows Phytocontrol to showcase a considerable customer advantage. Easy to use, the connected temperature monitoring solution goes further to meet the need for traceability.

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