Our solution

Our solution


Innovation at the service of the cold chain

Temperature measure to control the cold chain

We offer a continuous temperature monitoring service, made of temperature sensors, a router remotely connected and a web application with real-time alerts.

Ensure the cold chain compliance with ease and at every stage of your logistic.

With our technology designed and manufactured in France, you benefit from a complete and personalized follow-up meeting your needs, the reactivity of our teams and the upgradability of the solution.

Plug & Play

Connected wireless devices
Quick setup
No intervention needed


All-in-one solution
Personalized follow up
Customer support and training


Tailored offers
Agility and uprgradability
Automatic updates


Rentability of the measure

The uncertainty of our sensors is made reliable thanks to a multi-validation data technology.

Secure communications

A dedicated protocol allows a secure high performance connectivity.

Measure, connect and supervise



temperature sensor and monitor

An independant measuring instrument

Bluetooth connectivity

Randge up to 500 m

Automatic backup

3 to 5 years of autonomy



to connect your cold chain

An intelligent and connected router

Worldwide connectivity

Multi-operators networks

Long-lasting battery

Automatic pairing of K-TAGS



to supervise your logistics

An intuitive web application

Real-time alerts

Interfaces customization

Smart algorithms

Data security