Wireless temperature monitoring solution

Koovea offers a Plug & Play temperature monitoring system through an “all-in-one” service. Available worldwide, our non-intrusive IoT solution allows you to secure your cold chain by ensuring continuous traceability.


An innovative system

Koovea designs and manufactures all its devices in France.

Aware of the challenges related to temperature monitoring and the strengthening of standards, we provide an innovative turnkey solution to simplify the cold chain logistic. Koovea offers the monitoring of the supply chain, by remotely connecting all your temperature sensitive products (ambient, fresh, frozen, etc.) in real-time.

A global offer

Plug & Play

Connected wireless devices
Quick setup
No intervention needed


Offre sur-mesure
Service support à l'écoute
Installation simple et à distance


Tailored offers
Personalized follow-up
Customer support and training

Measure, connect and supervise

Image mesurer


Independent measuring instrument

Bluetooth connectivity

Range up to 500 m

Automatic backup

3 to 5 years of autonomy



Intelligent and connected router

Worldwide connectivity

Multi-operators networks

Long-lasting battery

Automatic pairing of K-TAGs



Intuitive web application

Real-time alerts

Interfaces customization

Smart algorithms

Data security

Activity area





A complete solution to secure the cold chain products

Our experts have designed a unique solution using innovative, certified and patented technology. The tests carried out directly in the field (in trucks, cold rooms, refrigerators, etc.) allowed us to adjust our offer in order to be as close as possible to the challenges of actors in quality and logistics. We guarantee the traceability of the cold chain and the continuity of a reliable service.

An award-winning and recognized innovation

Reliable and certified technology


We offer reliable and robust technology to meet the challenges of activities that require precise temperature monitoring.

  • Calibration according to ISO / CEI EN 17025
  • Measurements from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C
  • Measurements from -200 ° C to + 250 ° C in wire probes
  • Accuracy from 0.05 ° C to 0.3 ° C
  • Data loss protection


Our measurement devices have been designed in compliance with the applicable standards for the health, food and logistics sectors.

  • CE marking
  • EN 12830
  • RED, RoHS
  • IP65, IP68
  • ABS food enclosure

A strong environment

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