EN 13486 standards

EN 13486 standards


Food temperature recording

The cold chain of frozen and deep-frozen foods

According to European regulation EU 37/2005, manufacturers and distributors of frozen foodstuffs must monitor temperature with temperature recorders in accordance with standard EN 13486 (2002).

That means, with precise verification procedures, and temperature sensors suitable for temperature-sensitive goods.

The technical characteritics of the recorders

This standard provides the mandatory features and functionalities for temperature measurement and recording devices used for foodstuffs (refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen). The technical features mentioned in the standard apply to the transport, storage and distribution of these goods. Any device intended for temperature monitoring must meet these obligations in order to be certified.

Calibration of temperature sensors

Beyond recording data, the device must be able to measure temperature reliably. The temperature sensors must be checked and calibrated by a competent Cofrac certified laboratory. These accredited laboratories issue a certification to each calibrated measurement device and can verify the compliance of the measurement device with standard EN 12830.