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suivi de temperature Koovea

Continuous monitoring in real-time

App to control temperature remotely

Our centralized K-APP web interface provides continuous temperature monitoring of your logistics.


Easily set up your surveillance devices endlessly. K-TAG temperature sensors measure data in real time and instantly send it to our application.


Quick start
No installation needed
Accessible to all media


Remote configuration
24/7 alerts
API links


Measurements integrity
Data incryption
Backup of temperature data

Smart algorithms

Our algorithms continuously analyze and process data allowing you to optimize your logistics.

Real-time alerts

In case of temperature swings, you are immediately warned of the risk of breaking the cold chain.

Remote access

Our interface allows you to easily and remotely control and configure your device.

Data security

Our patented communication protocol makes the routing of data between the devices and the application more reliable.

Reliable and certified technology


We offer reliable and robust technology to meet the challenges of activities that require precise temperature monitoring.



Our measurement devices have been designed in compliance with the applicable standards for the health, food and logistics sectors.

The cold chain at the heart of all issues

Non compliance of the cold chain for sensitive and high value products quickly causes serious consequences.

Activity areas


Temperature monitoring at the heart of the pharmaceutical, research and medical professions.


Food traceability: the cold chain guarantee from the professionals to the consumers.


Secure the temperature of logistics (transport & storage) for all goods thanks to connected packaging.

An interconnected offer

To improve your logistics and benefit from remote and real-time temperature monitoring, choose the most secure connected solution.



temperature sensor and monitor

An independant measuring instrument

Bluetooth connectivity

Randge up to 500 m

Automatic backup

3 to 5 years of autonomy



to connect your cold chain

An intelligent and connected router

Worldwide connectivity

Multi-operators networks

Long-lasting battery

Automatic pairing of K-TAGS

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