Locavorium stores

food temperature monitoring system

Locavorium stores

Food temperature monitoring system

In the food industry, traceability is an obligation on several levels. 

Locavorium is an innovative distributor who has decided to facilitate access to organic and local products. To approach the economic, environmental and ethical challenges of this market, a food temperature monitoring system is essential. By offering quality products, the innovative distributor had to choose an appropriate solution in order to avoid any cold chain breaks.

These risks have several causes (technical machine failures, human errors, poor monitoring, etc.) and significant consequences: food waste, health problems and financial losses.

"We’ve tested several solutions, we were looking for simplicity and support, which is why we appreciated the rapid installation from Koovea, a few days before the opening of the new store."

Sixtine Buffalon, Store Manager
food temperature monitoring system

Their need

Reliable temperature monitoring of food

Our solution

An easy-to-use solution suiting their need

The result

A complied cold chain thanks to continuous monitoring

food temperature monitoring system

Our food temperature monitoring system

With our K-TAG connected temperature sensors, placed at the heart of the products, we measure the temperature in real time. In the event of a temperature swing, alerts are sent remotely via our K-APP web application.

The transmission of temperature data for product monitoring is automated thanks to our K-HUB located near the sensors in the store. With our innovative and non-intrusive technology, Locavorium stores are able to monitor the cold chain continuously.

The ease of use of the solution means that it does not interfere with other users priorities.

The results of the collaboration

With our autonomous measurement system and our centralized application, Locavorium stores can guarantee good follow-up and compliance of the cold chain of their healthy and quality products to all their customers

Customer srory


« We needed a sanitary traceability system for any cold food and reactivity in case of failure. Easy to use and suitable, we recommend the Koovea solution. »​

Thibaud Piroux

Manager of Locavorium in Mauguio

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