Use case of the Koovea solution

For the storage of all health products, resulting from research and heat-sensitive goods.

For the storage of all health products, resulting from research and heat-sensitive goods.

How to install Koovea ?

L’installation des équipements Koovea prend moins de 5 minutes puisqu’elle ne nécessite aucun branchement spécifique.

Il vous suffit de placer les K-TAG au plus près des produits à surveiller.

Dans le cas d’un suivi en temps réel : posez, scotchez ou vissez le K-HUB à proximité des K-TAG (même camion, même pièce, même bâtiment).

Dans le cas d’une surveillance de température sans temps réel, votre K-TAG enregistre les données tant et les envoie automatiquement dès qu’il entre dans le champs du K-HUB.

Comptez environ 30 minutes pour être formés à la configuration et l’utilisation des équipements Koovea par notre service support.


After receiving the equipment, we train you free of charge by phone, videoconference or in person if necessary.

Thanks to this interactive training, you can install the equipment yourself.

Our support service is also at your disposal to answer all your questions.

How do I turn on my K-TAG?

To turn on your K-TAG probe, place the Koovea magnet on the back of the K-TAG.

The LED will light up red, wait until it turns green to remove the magnet.

Your K-TAG is on.


How do I turn on my K-HUB?

The Router has only one button.

To turn on your K-HUB router, press the “On / off” button on the box once.

The 3 LEDs light up green.

To turn off the K-HUB router, press the same button for 5 seconds.

The 3 LEDs light up red.

The K-TAG battery.

The K-TAG probe is battery operated, with a battery life of 3 to 5 years, depending on use.

Your Koovea subscription allows you to be alerted to the condition of the battery.

When it is low, we automatically replace the K-TAG probe, free of charge.


The K-HUB battery.

To recharge the battery of your K-HUB router, plug it into an AC or USB outlet, with the cable provided in the box.

I need help setting up my K-TAG.

To configure your K-TAG, refer to the welcome email you received, you will find links to our tutorial videos there.

You can also contact our support department for further assistance.


I need help setting up my K-HUB.

To configure your K-HUB, refer to the welcome email you received, you will find links to our tutorial videos there.

You can also contact our support department for further assistance.

First time on K-APP?

Find your username and temporary password in the email received for this purpose.

Log in here and customize your password.


The K-TAG probe measures and / or detects:

the humidity level.

The rate of CO2.

Door openings.

Temperature ranges:

K-TAG: -40 ° C to + 80 ° C

K-TAG WIDE: -200 ° C to + 250 ° C

Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.05 ° C to 0.3 °

The temperature data recorded by the K-TAG probes are automatically recorded in the box for a maximum period of 1 year.


When placed near a K-HUB router, the K-TAG probe sends out its measurement data.


The data is instantly visible on the K-APP application


K-TAGs are tested and have IP68 waterproofing.




K-TAGs meet the standards:

– EN 12830

– EN 17025 (Cofrac calibration)




K-TAGs are compatible with:

– health products & biotechnologies

– foodstuffs



Bluetooth technology

The K-TAGs communicate via Bluetooth with the K-HUB router, which allows us to ensure the quality of data transmission. Our patented technology ensures that there is no possible data loss.

We suggest that you perform the calibration of K-TAG probes (Cofrac), every year if you wish. We ensure the process and the replacement of the probes with our partner laboratory.

K-TAG can be geolocated as long as they are always near the K-HUB router, which itself has the GPS option.

The K-TAG probe works on battery, with an autonomy of 3 to 5 years


Receipt of measurement data by the K-HUB router:

Once read by the K-TAG, the measurement data is sent to the K-HUB in real time, if it is nearby. If not, the K-HUB will automatically receive the data as soon as it is delivered to the K-TAG fields.

Receipt of measurement data by the K-APP application:

Once received by the K-HUB, the data is instantly visible on the K-APP application, in the form of curves, figures and alerts, in the event of an overrun.

The range of Bluetooth between a K-TAG probe and a K-HUB router is approximately 500 meters in open fields.


K-HUB router is IP65

Data abroad

The K-HUB router benefits from cellular, multi-operator connectivity.

It therefore operates worldwide depending on network coverage.

The K-HUB router is available with a GPS option, which allows you to geolocate all your equipment in real time.

The K-HUB router operates on a rechargeable battery.

It has an autonomy of 5 to 10 days depending on its use.

If there is a problem with the battery, we will replace the K-HUB router quickly and at no cost.


The K-APP application is accessible on the web at the URL address: app.koovea.fr/

On browsers:

Safari 10 and above

Google Chrome 64 and above

Firefox 58 and above



From our website: koovea.com


And from the welcome email you received.


To simplify access, we recommend that you add it to your favorites bar in your browser.

Vous pouvez télécharger K-APP mobile sur :

Connectez-vous à votre espace avec les mêmes identifiants et mots de passe que pour la version web.

Data storage

The data measured by Koovea equipment, transmitted to K-APP, are encrypted and secure. They cannot be lost, modified, or tampered with.

How to recover / export the data?

You can directly export your data from your K-APP interface, in the formats:



by API

Can we customize the data export?

Only in CSV or by API, we can customize the export once the raw data has been received.

Can we modify the data?


The data cannot be modified by the customer or by Koovea.

Can we change the data upload frequency?


Directly on K-APP, in the configuration of the K-TAG concerned. This frequency corresponds to sampling.

Namely that we define a minimum sampling according to the option chosen.

Is it possible to lose the data?

Data is backed up on redundant servers and a safety backup is performed every 6 hours.

How long is the data stored?

The data is backed up for 5 years at no cost, regardless of the options chosen.

Once your customer account is created, you have unlimited access to the application and can create as many user accounts as you need.


For some projects, we set up APIs.

This is a specific request that requires contacting our sales department.

Koovea evolves every day, our K-APP application is regularly updated.

We keep you informed of every new feature and update via email.

Forgot your password?


Do not panic!


Go to app.koovea.fr/

Click on “forgot password”

You will receive a confirmation email with a new temporary password, just like the first time.

Log in and choose a new personalized password.

Contact the support service

If you have a question about your equipment order, contact the support department directly by email or by phone +33 (0)4 11 92 44 01.

Do you think your K-TAG is no longer working?

First, check the condition of its battery in K-APP.

Then check the settings you configured in K-APP.

Try to turn it off and on again with the magnet provided.

Nothing happens ?

Contact the support service by email or by phone +33(0)4 11 92 44 01.

Do you think your K-HUB is no longer working?

Start by checking the status of the battery LED: if it is lit red, the battery level is critical.

In this case, charge it with the supplied power cable.

Try to turn it off by pressing the “On / Off” button for 5 seconds: the 3 LEDs light up red.

And, turn it back on by pressing the same button 1 time quickly.


Nothing happens?

Contact the support service by email or by phone +33 (0)4 11 92 44 01.

Have you lost or damaged Koovea equipment?

Contact the support service by email or by phone +33 (0)4 11 92 44 01 to receive new equipment quickly.

Prices and conditions

The starting price of the solution in the form of a subscription is:

23 € / month for 1 K-TAG and 1 K-HUB.


The total cost requires a quote tailored to the client’s needs based on:

The number of K-TAG probes required.

The number of K-HUB routers required.

Available options chosen.

  • The support service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Customer training in the use of equipment.
  • Automatic replacement of equipment.
  • Equipment and K-APP updates.
  • The number of K-APP users is unlimited.
  • Application email alerts.
  • Personalized monitoring of your changing needs.

Are you interested in our solution?

Contact the sales department by email or by phone 04 11 92 44 00 to discuss your needs.

We can have the equipment delivered to you as soon as possible within 48 hours after the validation of your order (for France and Europe). We ship worldwide but delays may be longer.

COVID-19 SITUATION: now, and this because of the current health crisis, many suppliers are causing slightly longer deadlines, but we remain very responsive and are doing everything to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

What are the general conditions of sale?

Consult the GTC.

For more information, we answer all your questions:

On koovea.com via our chatbot

By email at contact@koovea.com

By phone on +33(0)4 11 92 44 00

On our social networks