UE standards


Cold chain monitoring

Air temperature measurement systems for logistics

The EN 13486 standard concerns temperature measuring devices and thermometers for the transport, storage and distribution of fresh and frozen products sensitive to temperature.

It recalls that the logistics of these products is likely to be verified in order to detect any non-compliant temperature monitoring which would cause a cold chain break of food or other.

What there is to know

The standardization carried out by AFNOR (French Association for Standardization) and its delegated bodies, describes the procedure to verify temperature recorders.

The verification includes: testing, performance and suitability and covers extended classes and extended measurement systems of temperature and air.

It confirms the metrological quality requirements for measurement device (ISO 10012-1: 1992).

Our certified temperature sensors

As required by CE standards, our K-TAG temperature measurement sensors meet measurement criteria for products having to be transported and stored at a specific temperature.