A certified temperature monitoring solution

Our temperature monitoring solution complies with your regulatory obligations.

Our devices complies with European standards EN 12830 and EN 13486 for a use in accordance with your business standards.

Our K-TAG temperature sensors and our K-HUB connected routers also comply with CE marking, in accordance with current European legislation.

EN 12830

  • NF EN 12830 August 2018
  • Temperature recorders for temperature-sensitive goods
  • -40 ° C to + 80 ° C

EN 13486

  • NF EN 13486 January 2002
  • Temperature recorders for temperature-sensitive goods
  • Verification procedure

UE standards

  • Compliance with European regulations
  • Compliance with RED directive (2014/53 / EU)
  • RoHs 2011/65 / EU and REACH Regulation N ° 1907/2006

Our innovation at the service of your strandards

With increasingly strict standards, we have decided to provide the easiest solution to healthcare, food and logistics professionals.

In the interests of quality and compliance with applicable standards, our devices comply with all of the obligations imposed by control authorities (HACCP, EN15189, BPx, etc.)


EN 15189

  • Medical biology laboratory
  • Transport of health products
  • Sample temperature monitoring

HACCP rules

  • Food health safety
  • Compliance with food storage temperatures
  • Temperature recording

Good practices

  • Drug distribution
  • Temperature and traceability monitoring
  • Climate chambers mapping

Our compliances in progress

In order to guarantee you the best service offer, we continously work to obtain the latest standards in terms of temperature control in France, Europe and around the world.


  • North American market compliance
  • Obtaining FCC certification

DO 160

  • Air cargo temperature monitoring
  • On-board device conditions

CRF 21 Part 11

  • Pharmaceutical industry regulation
  • Data security of automatic recorders

They trust us