conservation de la temperature dans laboratoire koovea

Sensor calibration

Our temperature sensors are calibrated in a Cofrac accredited laboratory that meets the requirements of the NF EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard of 2017.

In order to provide you with continuous quality service and to save you precious time, we ensure sensors turnovers.

We provide a calibrated replacement sensor before removing the one which calibration certificate is to be renewed.

High measurement accuracy

We adapt the technology of our sensors according to your needs.

  • Internal sensor: 0.2 ° C typical or 0.3 ° C max
  • External sensor: 0.05 ° C typical or 0.15 ° C max

Extended measurement ranges

Our temperature ranges vary depending on the technology used.

  • Internal sensor: – 40 ° C to + 80 ° C
  • External sensor: -200 ° C to + 650 ° C

Shock and water resistant sensors

In accordance with the IP68 standard, our temperature sensors withstand prolonged immersion.

The reinforced case of our K-TAG temperature sensors allows them to withstand shocks due to transport and storage hazards of products during logistics.

capteur de température IP68


temperature sensor and monitor

An independant measuring instrument

Bluetooth connectivity

Randge up to 500 m

Automatic backup

3 to 5 years of autonomy