Calibration EN 17025

ISO / CEI EN 17025 calibration


Why Calibration's so important ?

Temperature sensors' calibration

This international standard, developed for the ISO committee on the conformity assessment of temperature measuring devices, specifies “general requirements for the qualification of testing and calibration laboratories.

What there is to know

With the increasing use of quality maintenance systems, it has become crucial to assess the ISO 9001 conformity of the laboratories providing the calibration.


Its goal is to bring the exchange of data between laboratories in order to harmonize standards and procedures.

The EN 17025 standard describes the development of measurement systems and concerns analysis and testing laboratories which perform accreditation audits.

Calibration of K-TAG measurement sensors

Our K-TAG temperature measurement sensors are calibrated by an EN 17025 (ISO 9001) certification laboratory. After stabilization at the set point temperature, the calibration is performed by comparing the chain to be calibrated with the reference sensor having a platinum resistance 100Ω calibrated according to E.I.T. 90. The considered resolution for the calibration is 0.1 ° C.