Phytocontrol laboratories

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Phytocontrol laboratories

Phytocontrol laboratories

Their need

Real-time and remote temperature monitoring of the analysis samples.

Our solution

A connected and non-intrusive solution for measuring, connecting and supervising.

The result

Precise temperature monitoring to guarantee the results of the analyzes to their customers.

Food issues

To complete its offer, Phytocontrol is deploying an integrated solution making the routing of samples easier for its customers. In fact, a team of technicians-samplers dedicated to sampling on site, equipped with tri-temperature vehicles complying with standard NF X15-140, ensures the transport of each sample to the analysis laboratories. Reinforced traceability and perfect control of the cold chain is therefore necessary. During transport, the temperature must be controlled not to alter the results.

For this, Phytocontrol used conventional USB recorders, connected to a computer after each end of rounds. A process that does not allow the temperature to be monitored in real time and therefore impossible to react quickly enough on the refrigerated compartments. Thus limited, this solution did not meet the quality and transparency requirements of Phytocontrol.

« In our business, it is crucial to control the temperature at which a sample is exposed, so the analyzes are not altered. »

Mickael Bresson, Founding President of Phytocontrol
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food temperature monitoring system

Our solution

In addition to the innovative and easily integrated technology aspect, Phytocontrol paid specific attention to the fact that the device of its future partner must be certified EN 12830 and offering temperature sensors calibrated in COFRAC laboratory according to ISO EN 17025.

Easy to understand with only a few minutes training, the KOOVEA temperature monitoring sensors enabled Phytocontrol, once deployed, to go further in terms of traceability compared to USB recorders and to reduce the “non-compliance ”of the products related to temperature differences.


The result of collaboration

Phytocontrol works on strong development axes relating to temperature monitoring and geolocation which helps optimizing its logistics. The company wishes to continue its collaboration with KOOVEA by widening its temperature monitoring scope to samples sent by external transporters.

Customer story


« Thanks to KOOVEA and its solution, we have improved our quality of service […]. We bring more transparency and therefore security to our customers. »​

Jean-Philippe Laval

Vice President, Director of Sales and Logistics

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