The temperature tracking of the tomorrow’s medicine.

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Founded in November 2015, Koovea is a dynamic and innovating start-up specialized in the cold chain’s tracking of thermosensitives medicines. Koovea has 3 engineers at various levels of skills and aims at becoming a reference for smart packaging of the tomorrow’s medicines products.

A unique, innovating and global solution

More and more thermosensitive medicines with high value are placed on the market which result an important economic risk for pharmaceutical laboratories.

To anticipate this increasing threat, we developed a unique and innovating solution through a global service. Our service includes a medicine temperature tracking, a Saas solution and a BigData designed to easily supervise your medicine box’s data.

Coming from the most recent technological breakthrough, from now our solution gives to the laboratories possibilities to track their medicine in real time in a non-intrusive way. Our solution also allows to avoid losses. All of that ensuring to the patient the use of a viable product without any efficacy alteration.

Smart and connected packaging

Sensors temperature are incorporated in a non-intrusive way in every medicine box and allow to follow every product from its production to its use.

Real-time connectivity

A concentrator system gives a connectivity to the web in real time for the whole products within its range.


An ergonomic, efficient and secure web/mobile application to share and use data in an optimal way.

Our team

"Our complementarity relationship is a strength"


Business Manager and Electronics Engineer, graduated from INSA Toulouse France and ESC Toulouse France.


Software Development Engineer, graduated from EPSI Montpellier France.


Electronics Engineer, graduated from University of Montpellier France.


Winner of the competition “Coup de pouce 2016”

The actions carried out by the French region Occitanie close to the French companies are focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. One of these aims is to promote creation and development of innovative companies, regardless the type of innovation.

Winner of the competition “Bourse French Tech Emergence 2016”

Since 1999 the national supporting competition towards the creation of innovating technologies companies allowed the creation of more than 1700 companies. Real springboard for young talents and for innovation, this competition successfully ensures its role in detecting new project from innovating companies.

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