Connected sensors to secure the cold chain

Today, manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors must equip themselves with connected thermometers to guarantee compliance with the cold chain.

schéma chaîne du froid connectée Koovea

Temperature monitoring according to its obligations

Respect for the cold chain for health issues

The products to be stored at room temperature are very often neglected while the range of 2 ° to 8 ° C must imperatively be respected to maintain the cold chain.

Health products, on the other hand, have very specific temperature ranges to be respected depending on their nature of packaging and the environment.

A simplified strategy to guarantee compliance with the cold chain

Temperature sensitive products

Each type of product requires very precise monitoring and packaging to respect the cold chain.
Overall, cold transporters are obliged to comply with these conditions.

To do this, real-time temperature monitoring is essential to guarantee the transporter and the customer that the products have not been broken and are still viable.

In the case of overly approximate monitoring (with USB temperature recorders for example), the data is not reliable and cannot be used, it is therefore specified in good practice to monitor the temperature of products with temperature probes connected.

Waste as one of the main issues

The direct consequence is the waste of products that are still viable or the risk of keeping products that are no longer viable.
We therefore recommend real-time remote monitoring in order to monitor the temperature during transport and storage of products for more reliability, simplicity and transparency.

The challenge is no longer just health and financial, it is also environmental.

alertes de température à distance et sonde de température sans fil

Solution de suivi de température en temps réel et à distance

Découvrez notre solution pour la surveillance de température en continu durant la logistique de vos produits, pour l’assurance d’un chaîne du froid respectée.

Un service tout-en-un et sans interruption grâce à une technologie breveté répondant aux normes et réglementations en vigueur.