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Your cold chain, your challenges

To respect the cold chain security, you need to monitor the temperature of storage and transport during all procedures, such as refrigerated trucks, cold rooms and refrigerators. A proper monitoring can detect procedural flaws and avoid errors.

In the pharmaceutical, medical and food sectors, 35 million dollar worth of products are lost each year in France. This represents a considerable amount for the manufacturers and the establishments concerned.

Beyond waste, it is a matter of preserving products which react to the temperature and once administered, can have serious consequences on health. The human, economic or ecological stake leads us to rethink and improve the cold logistics thanks to innovative, predictive and preventive technologies.

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Discover our tailored solution

temperature monitoring

Our 100% connected solution enables wireless temperature measurement and remote monitoring of your data. Cellular connectivity (2G / 3G / 4G) provides customizable real-time service and alerts. Our temperature monitoring solution guarantees reliable compliance with the cold chain management. Traceability data are recorded and used remotely to optimize the conditions of storage and transport of products.



Independent measuring instrument

Bluetooth connectivity

Range up to 500 m

Automatic backup

3 to 5 years of autonomy



Intelligent and connected router

Worldwide connectivity

Multi-operators networks

Long-lasting battery

Automatic pairing of K-TAGs



Intuitive web application

Real-time alerts

Interfaces customization

Smart algorithms

Data security


Rentability of the measure

The uncertainty of our sensors is made reliable thanks to a multi-validation data technology.

Secure communications

A dedicated protocol allows a secure high performance connectivity.

Plug & Play

Connected wireless devices
Quick setup
No intervention needed


All-in-one solution
Personalized follow up
Customer support and training


Tailored offers
Agility and uprgradability
Automatic updates